The Clubmob concept was developed in 2011 as part of the MORGEN LANDE initiative, inspiring clubs to improve energy efficiency. Since then, regular Clubmobs have been taking place in Berlin as well as other cities throughout Germany.

In Germany there are over 5,500 clubs which emit on average, 70 tons of CO2 every year. As with any other organisation, industry or private household there are many ways to reduce these emissions – some energy saving and efficiency measures can be initiated at no extra cost, other things require a bit more time and investment.

How does a Clubmob work?

Based on the “carrotmob” principle of rewarding and supporting businesses that make positive improvements to their impact on the environment, the club agrees to allocate 100% of profits from a designated Clubmob evening towards any costs involved in reducing their energy footprint. Clubmobbers of course flock to the participating club on that night.

Planning takes place several months in advance: once a club has committed to the principles of the Clubmob event, then a date is set for a session with a professional energy-saving advisor – provided free of charge by the Clubmob team – who will assess the current energy usage of the club. A energy saving plan of action is agreed, plus a wish list and budget of different measures that can be realised, depending on income from the evening. The advisors will support and guide clubs to make many small low/no budget changes to reduce water-usage, more efficient use lighting, cooling and rubbish disposal can save a huge amount of CO2 and of course reduce expenditure on these items. Meanwhile, the Clubmob team promote the night with the aim of raising as much awareness and money, via the normal club entrance fee, to ensure as many energy-saving measures as possible can be delivered.

Who are the Clubmob Team?

The Clubmob team consists of professional energysaving advisors, marketing and environmental professionals, event and project managers and clubbers – everyone gives their time for free or with the support of their individual organisations. The Clubmob team is grateful for the support received from Green Music InitiativesinnwerkstattJugend im Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz e. V.Berliner Energiecheck and Naturlux.

You can contact the clubmob team directly by sending an email to hello@clubmob.de or via facebook: www.facebook.com/CLUBMOB.BERLIN

Case studies

The first Clubmob took place 19th December 2011 in Berlin at Kreuzberg SO36 and you can read about the improvements the club made as a result of the clubmob (in German). The second Clubmob took place 21st April 2012 in M.I.K.Z in Friedrichshain and you can read about the improvements the club made as a result of the clubmob (in German).

You want to Clubmob too?

Whether you are a club owner or clubber, you can make a clubmob happen! We would be happy to support you with our knowledge and experience, and look forward to hearing from you: hello@clubmob.de