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Clubmob is a nonprofit intiative that is dedicated to making the Berlin club scene more sustainable. Party without leaving your conscience at the door!


What’s it all about?

120 Clubs x 30t CO2 = 3,600t CO2 per year

Over one weekend a club consumes as much electricity as an efficient single household consumes in a year (about 1,000 kWh). High energy use means high CO2 emissions. The problem: small and medium-sized clubs can’t afford an energy-efficient refurbishment. Does this mean the party’s over? NO!



… but what does this mean?


  1. Energy consultation

We perform a free, professional energy consultation for the club. This means we count light bulbs, analyse the electricity and water bills, look for holes in the walls, check refridgerators, etc. The club operator receives a detailed plan of possible energy-saving measures.

  1. Disco, disco, party, party!

Clubmob.Berlin and the club operator organise an awesome party: 100% of the night’s proceeds go towards energy-saving measures. Clubmob.Berlin makes sure that plenty of partiers show up at the club to support the action. Crowd-partying for the climate!

  1. Realisation of energy-saving measures

After the cash has been counted, we support the club in implementing measures with the party proceeds. Crucial: switching to a real green electricity provider.

  1. Celebrate the results

The club operator is happy about lower energy costs and an improved image. The environment benefits from lower CO² emissions. And we’ve introduced clubgoers to the issue of sustainability.


Our vision

The aim of Clubmob.Berlin is to make the issue of climate protection in the culture scene more accessible to a broad spectrum of people, from club operators and clubgoers to consumers and environmentalists. Clubmob parties are intended to motivate others to take action. If it works in a club, it can also work at home. The focus of Clubmob actions is on small and medium-sized clubs which can be supported with relatively low-cost measures.

For us, it’s important to communicate about sustainbility in a positive way without a lecturing tone. Your sustainable lifestyle doesn’t have to end on the dancefloor. Instead of sacrificing nightlife, make an active contribution to climate protection!


Who has already worked with Clubmob?

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You want to Clubmob too?

Whether you are a club owner or clubber, you can make a clubmob happen! We would be happy to support you with our knowledge and experience, and look forward to hearing from you: